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Phantom Pics

Yay! Pictures!

Danny Phantom Pictures
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All Members , Moderated
Here's a place to share snap shots from the wonderful show Danny Phantom. Four rules only in this community:

1. Place all your images under LJ-CUT!
2. No fanart. That's what phantom__art is for! This is only for hosting images from the tv show.
3. It is prefered that all the images you post, you took yourself. If you are using someone else's images, DO NOT HOTLINK THEM! Host them somewhere else and then show them off here. For help with hosting, go here. Also, if you can remember who, credit who originally took the image.
4. This is a picture community so keep all post somehow related to snap snots.

Things you can do on this community:
1. Post snap shots (duh!)
2. Ask for snap shots
3. Anything else you can think of.

Don't have anyplace to host pictuere? No problem! ImageShack lets you host images up to 1mb (1024kb) and Photobucket lets you host images up to 200kb.

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